Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm moving... come follow me

My blog has moved to Wordpress. I've been able to port all the posts from this site, so some of the posts may look familiar, but I'm up and running again., with buckets to share about my writing life.
I begin with the news, that after a hiatus of twenty-odd years from attempting publication, I jumped back in the world of submission rejection, until yesterday morning, this little gem landed in my inbox:
Dear Susan Wadds,
Thank you for sending us “Choose the Hammock”. We would like to publish it in the next issue of carte blanche.
I had to read it three times for its message to sink in.
As I prepare for a week-long writing retreat with Pat Schneider I am dancing around my suitcase. One of my niggling doubts has been that although I know I have the capacity to write nice prose, I wondered if my ability to tell a good story was lacking. Choose the Hammock is the "story" of one woman's life told through a series of photographs. It is about 1200 words long, so it figures that much is up to the reader. The story had previously been sent to a contest, where the first tier judge's comments suggested that all I had done was present a series of vignettes and not told a story at all. This was a question I was bringing to Pat Schneider. That question dropped, I go into the retreat even more available to the magic of spontaneous freefall, without the busy mind full of questions damming up the flow.
Thank you, carte blanche, and thank you to Sue Reynolds for the prompts, inspiration, and encouragement.